House Approves Smoking Ban “Compromise”

The Iowa House has approved the conference committee compromise that would ban public smoking just about everywhere, except on casino gaming floors. Radio Iowa has the story. 

Now it’s up to the Senate.

From the Radio Iowa story:

Representative McKinley Bailey, a Democrat from Webster City, called it a flawed plan and voted against it. “We’re going to give out-of-state corporations whose CEOs who live in Las Vegas, Nevada, a competitive advantage over mom-and-pop establishments across the state of Iowa, owned by Iowans who have lived here and paid their taxes their entire life as they try and make ends meet,” Bailey says. “We’re going to say it’s OK to smoke on a casino floor owned by Harrah’s but not in a bar owned by Larry & Kay Ross.”

 That’s about the size of it.



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3 responses to “House Approves Smoking Ban “Compromise”

  1. This plan makes no sense, except at the moral level: folks are gambling in the casino anyway, why not let them raise the stakes by putting their lungs on the table?

    They should rename the casinos though. I like “risk ghetto” myself.

  2. MV

    They should go whole hog and legalize prostitution at casinos too, making them a true one-stop vice shop. Slap a hefty tax on that booty and watch the revenue come spurting in.

  3. jackattack

    Aww, yeah, gotta protect the workers. Except the workers at the casino. And except the maids who have to clean the smoking hotel rooms. And except the workers at the long-term care facilities. They don’t count.

    What really gets me is people who say, “If you want to subject yourself to smoke in your own home that’s fine, that’s your choice.” But people can’t subject themselves to smoke in a bar? Where it’s a lot less likely there’s going to be kids, unlike, you know, your home?

    I don’t know, I see a lot of problems with this “compromise.” Whatever.

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