Smoking ban debate goes global

I could be wrong, but I’m pretty sure these must be heroic anti-smoking activists fighting bravely to snuff out the poison-spewing Olympic torch before anyone was exposed to its toxic plume of secondhand smoke.

Fight on brave safety warriors. I, for one, am behind you.

It’s about time someone stepped in to stop this insanity. I mean, the Olympics is being aggressively marketed to kids. Next thing you know, youngsters will be lighting up torches behind the school, or sneaking torches out of their old man’s sock drawer.  And only God knows what these kids will be doing by torchlight.

I can’t even count how many of my meals have been ruined when someone in the next booth lights up a big Olympic torch to cap off their meal. All I can taste is ancient cauldron. Disgusting.

I hope that once the Iowa Legislature bans public smoking, they’ll turn their attention to torches — Olympic, tiki, what have you. Do whatever it takes to make us safe.




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2 responses to “Smoking ban debate goes global

  1. Thomas Rodke

    Guffaw, Pishaw…You are wasting your efforts at sarcasm. A stupid misguided attempt at humor. What is your point? Are you against the smoking ban that Iowa Legislature just passed? Why should non-smokers have to put up with second-hand smoke from your foul habit? Go outside and smoke all you want downwind from me.

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