Critical Beer Question of the Week

Watching the Twins’ opener last night, I thought to myself, “You know what, self? An ice cold Grain Belt Premium would taste great right now.” These are the sort of heavy issues that cross my mind at those quiet, contemplative moments.

But I have yet to see Grain Belt Premium on sale in the greater CR metroplex. Can you show me the way? Can this frosty Minnesota gem be had ’round these parts?



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15 responses to “Critical Beer Question of the Week

  1. Have you tried Benz Beverage Depot? Otherwise the HyVee stores are another place to try and buy it.

    If you cant find it in a store I know they serve it at the Picador (formerly Gabes) in Iowa City.

  2. Jeremy

    I swear I’ve seen it somewhere in town. Possibly the 1st Ave Hy Vee or Benz. I think Schell bought the rights to Grain Belt, or something like that.

  3. Robert Vertz

    Grain Belt is on sale at Walmart, 6 pack for $4.99 but only today for April Fools Day.

    The Grain Belt Picture makes a great computer desktop background, after all I live in the Grain Belt.

  4. Dave

    I believe Smitty’s Bar and Grill in Solon, Iowa has it in cans.

  5. KIM

    Evans Distributing in Coralville 319-354-3857. now that i’ve told you where to find your beer can you tell me about the black hole that seems to be sucking in the local TV anchors & weather people? The latest victim is Scott Sanborn from KCRG….

  6. David

    I believe the Lava Lounge (next to the awesome Rudy’s Taco) in Waterloo serves Grain Belt. Though I would suggest trying the other fine ales they always have on tap.

  7. Rodger

    I thought Grain Belt went out of business about 20 years ago! used to be in the stores when I was a kid, and too young to buy it, and saw it after I got out of the military, then all of a sudden it went POOFTA!!!!

  8. Doug

    Grain Belt is alive and well. It is brewed here in the
    town of New Ulm, MN by the August Schell Brewery. Their Premium Light is the real “big seller”…..

  9. Mary in Iowa

    Try to Drug Town on Council at Collins. Huge liquor store. And you might want to consider something stronger if you’re watching this Cubs this year.

  10. Mary in Iowa

    I meant to say Twins, instead of the Cubs. But the sentiment holds for both.

  11. Craig in CR

    Hy-Vee on Edgewood Rd. and Hy-Vee Drug store on Blairs Ferry carry Grain Belt (it will be in the coolers). I kept asking the managers there to carry it and they finally did last year.

  12. Amy in North Liberty

    I just saw Grain Belt premium bottles at my local Fareway when shopping this weekend. But I have to warn you, the stuff we get here in Iowa just is not quite the same as that good ol’ Minnesota “strong beer.” Grain Belt premium (cans — safer for on the pontoon, ya know) is our beer of choice on our annual Minnesota fishing trips. We generally buy them out at the nearest liquor store and then have to stop part way back to pick up a case or two for the fridge back home. That’s not considered bootlegging, is it?

  13. Amy

    We carry Grain Belt Premium at Zins!

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