No Good Deed Goes Unpunished

Senate Democrats agreed at midday to let senators go home for the weekend before a long Monday debate on the controversial collective bargaining bill. The Ds portrayed the move as a friendly compromise with GOP senators, who sought to delay debate.

So what did the Dems get for playing nice? This just hit my inbox:

Friday, March 21, 2008

          Iowa Future Fund Launches Ads Educating Public About Labor Law Proposals

Des Moines, IA – Today, the Iowa Future Fund launched radio ads on stations across Iowa.

While the “hardest working Governor in America” vacationed in Florida, liberals in the Iowa House of Representatives gutted the decision making authority of school boards, city councils and the county boards of supervisors to control the level of property taxes by passing devastating revisions to Iowa’s labor laws.

The ad launched by the Iowa Future Fund was created to generate awareness for and educate Iowans on what will happen to Iowa’s right to work and collective bargaining laws if these pending pieces of legislation are passed into law. (Script attached)

Iowa Future Fund spokesman David Kochel said, “Chet Culver and the liberals in the legislature need to come out from the dark to have a fair and open debate on this issue. This is much too important of an issue to rush through the legislature without a fair and open discussion of the issues.  I encourage all Iowans to call their senator and express their concern about this issue.”

You can hear the ad entitled “Guts” by visiting:

The ad will begin running immediately in the districts of the following Iowa Senators:

Senator Fraise
Senator Gronstal
Senator Hancock
Senator Heckroth
Senator Kibbie
Senator Olive
Senator Reilly
Senator Schoenjahn

The Iowa Future Fund operates as a 501(c)(4) organization, designed to further the common good and general welfare of the citizens of the United States by educating the citizens of Iowa about public policy issues affecting the State of Iowa.

For additional information, please call David Kochel at (515)865 – 6077 or email

Paid for by Iowa Future Fund

Gee, I hope heated holiday hyperbole goes well with ham. Bon apetit, fellas.



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6 responses to “No Good Deed Goes Unpunished

  1. Kathy

    Just another dollar in Kochel’s pocket.

  2. george

    looks like the republicans dont want anybody to have a decent job except them. I heard a guy talking on WHO radio today about how bad the Democrats are about deficit spending. He didnt however mention what six years of total Republican control has done to the nations budget. Does anyone remember the savings and loan disaster a few years ago? Repubs were in charge then too. Now , again they are giving bailouts to the bigshots again and the little guy get to lose his house, while the CEOs get golden parachutes. Next time you hear Rush or the others talk of libreral bias tune your radio to the liberal station. I tried, and could not find one. And havent for many years. Its called propaganda. They think if you hear Rush,Hannity ,orielly, savage, Reagan, plus the clown on WHO you will believe them. It works surprisingly well. They should count these radio shows as campaign contributions. If you dont believe it just start adding up the hours the right wingers get to talk compared to the Dems. Its shocking

  3. Steve

    “Right to Work” has for the longest time been the right to work for nothing, and not have any other choice. I certainly believe it has always been the title of the legislation and not its workings that recieved the most attention, probably the thing the Republicans noticed when they started writing high sounding legislation on a national scale, but came out quite differently in what it actually did. (Patriot Act etc.) None the less, for all those folks who seem to think the entire world is going to abandon Iowa because we can’t provide slave labor to outfits like “Right to Work” packing houses and the like, I beg to differ. Maybe it is time to have that bargaining talk between the laborer and the owner to clear the air on what is fair between them. Everyone deserves a fair price for the products they bring to the market, and lets see if that can’t happen here for a change.

  4. Joel

    “Everyone deserves a fair price for the products they bring to the market, and lets see if that can’t happen here for a change.” – Steve

    I agree completely with this statement, thank you for saying it.

    The GOP’s ad campaign is only more of what we have come to expect from the GOP, dirty politics.

  5. Nick

    Hopefully, people will recognize this ad for what it is… garbage.

  6. Worker-bee

    Ultimately the marketplace sets wages and assigns the right value to goods and services, not artificial hurdles set by legislatures. Unions have every right to exist and to bargain collectively if they choose to. By the same token employers have every right to run their own businesses as they see fit within the confines of the law concerning safety and environmental impacts.
    Union members would have much greater leverage if they would demonstrate what value they bring to the party; in other words, why is it to the business owner’s advantage to look for union workers? In many of the construction trades it is because the unions have better trained, reliable and more skilled workers. If this was not the case those jobs would have been replaced totally by non-union outfits.
    Simply demanding a “fair wage” whatever that means, and using the legislature to do it betrays an ignorance of basic economics. Ultimately you have to bring a value to the job as set by the marketplace, or the job goes away, even if it is a taxpayer funded job. People vote with their feet and if taxes have to be raised astronomically to provide the union view of “fair” , people will move to more business friendly climates, much as they have been doing since the industrial revolution. Ask any of the unemployed in the states where “right to work” doesn’t exist.

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