Nothing to do in Rural Iowa?

Not true, apparently. From Radio Iowa:

“Authorities in central Iowa have charged a Collins man with 41 counts of animal abuse, criminal mischief and trespassing. The Story County Sheriff’s department says 21 year old Jonathan Wright is accused of killing or injuring dozens of hogs earlier this month on the Don Struthers’ farm near Collins.

“Struthers’ son-in-law Eric Finch works on the farm and says about half of the 41 hogs involved died or had to be euthanized. Finch says 20 hogs were lost, while 21 others are making a recovery. Most of the hogs that were killed or euthanized were market ready. “The total losses right now are between $3,500 and $4,000,” Finch said.”

The DM Register is also on the case. And its account includes expert analysis:

Paul Lasley, a professor of rural sociology at Iowa State University, described Wright’s alleged actions as unusual.

“I rather think it’s related to this young person just making some bad choices,” Lasley said. “These examples really are distressing for what it means for rural communities and rural culture. While there’s always been an air of competition, I’d like to think it’s been healthy competition that does not justify criminal acts and vandalism.”

Don’t like running down pigs? How about blowing up mailboxes?

Also from Radio Iowa:

Authorities are warning Iowans to use caution when getting their mail after some two-dozen mailbox bombings statewide in recent days.

Five juveniles face state and federal felony charges after allegedly blowing up 17 mailboxes in Clay County about two weeks ago. Last week, a mailbox next door to a prominent state legislator’s home in Des Moines was demolished, and on Monday, four mailboxes were destroy by pipebombs in Benton County.

State Public Safety spokesman Jim Saunders urges Iowans to be vigilant. Saunders says: “Whether it be somebody scoping out a house for a burglary or somebody that’s got an inclination to blow up your mailbox, if you see something out of place in your neighborhood, call law enforcement and let them respond and evaluate the situation and determine what may be going on.”

Will do.

But hey, on the plus side in the countryside, the average price of Iowa farmland jumped 18 percent during the past year.


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One response to “Nothing to do in Rural Iowa?

  1. Oh, yeah, the “bad choices” defense. For once, I’d love to see some armchair psychiatrist come out with a statement like, “That kid made some brilliant choices, like which farm might be easiest to victimize. Also, he committed a crime that was most likely to garner the most misguided sympathy from an ISU prof. Bravo, delinquent. Bravo.”

    Seriously, everybody needs to keep their eyes on creepos like that. Random animal torture/killing is serious sign that they are gearing up for meaner things.

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