What’s Under the Snow?

As high piles of snow disappear from the landscape, hopefully for good, they’re revealing items long buried. We can only guess how they got there.

For example, along my street in Marion, receding snow recently gave up a colorful beach towel and deposited it in the muddy gutter. Perhaps winter hit so suddenly that the towel’s owner abandoned it as he or she rushed to avoid the frozen onslaught. Maybe it was a dreaded bout of that “thunder snow” we’ve heard so much about. Or maybe I’ve been watching too many Discovery Channel archaeologists.

But I’m pretty sure they’d blame a meteorite. They usually do.

I also came across a pair of shoes downtown. My first thought was the rapture, but U.S. Rep Steve King is still here, so I knew it couldn’t be that.

At home, a beret and red scarf appeared in the back yard – the last remains of Frosty Snowman.  Regular readers may remember his obit earlier this year.

Keep your eyes open, and let me know if you find anything interesting.



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8 responses to “What’s Under the Snow?

  1. Robot

    Busch Beers cans with their shiny blue labels seem to be everywhere as the snow recedes.

  2. Crag

    Trash is everywhere along 380, mainly on the stretch between 42nd St. to H. Ave going south.

  3. Jessa

    Dog poop. It’s everywhere.

  4. Murphy

    Mud. Lots & lots of it.
    Displaced & broken concrete – sidewalks, steps, patios, etc. (sigh)

  5. Debra

    Money I had a bartender tell me he lost all his tips in the snow out of his pocket when he pulled out his keys and it was snowing

  6. LeeAnna

    Lots of campaign yard signs from the caucuses that were buried under snowbanks until this last week.

  7. DM

    All of my dog’s toys have finally seen the light of day for the first time in about 4 months. The dog is thrilled.

    Oh, and our Christmas tree! Apparently hubby didn’t get it put out to the curb in DECEMBER like he was supposed to do. I never knew the huge drifts in our side yard were hiding that Christmas tree. Hubby is in trouble now for slacking.

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