Grub – Breakfast at Ruby’s in Decorah

On Sunday morning, a buddy and I drove into Decorah looking for a big breakfast after a weekend of trout fishing north of town. Luckily, we spotted Ruby’s Restaurant as we cruised through the business district.

It’s a small, comfy family joint that serves great, homey food. Turns out it’s the home of Ronnie’s “world famous” cinnamon rolls and pecan caramel rolls. We split a giant caramel roll, served warm with butter. It lived up to the hype.

My friend had a massive plate of homemade biscuits and gravy, eggs and hash browns. I had hash browns, eggs, toasted homemade bread, and a slab of ham. It was exactly the kind of hulking hot breakfast we were looking for to cap off the weekend. We guzzled a pot of coffee, Lutheran church-basement strength, which seemed appropriate for Sunday morning in Decorah.

One thing to remember is Ruby’s doesn’t take plastic. Fortunately, there’s an ATM just a half block away, just in case you left all your cash in the offering plate. Or maybe you spent your last 10 bucks it to buy a 12-pack of Grain Belt Premium at the Highlandville general store on Saturday night. Either way.



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5 responses to “Grub – Breakfast at Ruby’s in Decorah

  1. Doug

    My oldest is probably going to Luther…nice to know where we need to feed and water him when we visit!

  2. Murphy

    Mabes Pizza. The best. YUM!

  3. Grainbelt

    Nothing like fishing to work up an appetite. I usually don’t drink coffee except in Lutheran Church Basements.

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  5. Crystal

    Ruby’s takes credit/debit cards now, if you make your way through again!

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