Senate rejects gutted smoking ban

O. Kay Henderson at Radio Iowa has the story:

“Only 23 senators voted in favor of the House plan on a statewide smoking ban, while 37 27 rejected it. Key legislators from both the House and Senate predict a smoking ban will clear the legislature this year, one that will ban smoking in bars and restaurants but would allow it in casinos.”

There’s one thing you can rely on at the Statehouse. The casinos always get what they want.


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One response to “Senate rejects gutted smoking ban

  1. Nan Naughton

    This may be a little raw for your column.
    I am a smoker and I am a baby boomer. Have you checked how many of these people dying of second hand smoke are over the age of 70? Boomers seem to want to live forever. You are alotted a life span when born and by 70 aging is taking its toll no matter what.Mother nature or the Wise One, whichever you want to believe says get ready your time is over. No say us boomers. We want to live to be a hundred or more.We want all the social security we can lap up. We want to cash in on all the medicare we can. Get real. Its a freedom to smoke and tobacco is native to this country.Those boomers that protested against Big goverment,now want to enact MORE laws. Iowa now has more people over the age of 50 than under. I want to be able to smoke in establishments that allow it. If non-smokers dont like it they don’t have to go to these smoking places.No one is trying to enact a LAW to make them go. When you get to a certain age its time to go. Mother nature will find some way of taking you out! Age not second hand smoke is going to take its toll. We are all living longer than ever. Boomers want to live forever.

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