Messing with Visitors

State lawmakers backed away from a proposal this week that would have removed stickers from gas pumps promoting fuel blended with ethanol. Backers argued that out-of-state drivers leery of ethanol might use the cheaper corn-based blend if it wasn’t labeled.

Critics panned the idea. But I think they were on to something. Here are five other proposals for messing with out-of-state visitors that I think the Legislature should consider:

1. Prank DOT Road Maps — Show only odd-numbered highways.

2. Set secret “non-native” speed limit at 50 mph.

3. Require visitors to purchase Iowa State University season football tickets to use rest area bathrooms.

4. Create mandatory I-80 corn maze detour.

5. Line our borders with casinos to fleece…oops, already in place.


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  1. Rob

    Tell them that this is heaven.

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