Beware of Gay Millionaires

From Radio Iowa’s OK Henderson:

A group pushing for a constitutional amendment to ban gay marriage in Iowa is charging that key Democrats in the legislature are getting campaign contributions from wealthy gay rights activists. Chuck Hurley of the Iowa Family Policy Center says the money’s being funneled into campaign accounts set up by the Democrats who lead the Iowa House and Senate.

“A dozen or so out-of-state millionaires, in some cases I think billionaires, have sent several hundred thousand dollars in campaign cash,” Hurley says. “These donors have been identified as longterm financial supporters of efforts to block constitutional amendments in other states.”  

This is a shocking development. I thought only ridiculously rich right-wingers had the resources to play politics in any state of their choosing. Who let gays and lesbians in on this capitalism thing?

It’s sort of interesting that anyone would feel compelled to give Democrats money to stop the amendment. Dems already are paralyzed on this issue, free of charge. The only reason they want the judicial process to continue is they’re scared witless of the politics, not because anyone gives them money. 

Though gutless, Democrats did get in a few good lines.

House Democratic Leader Kevin McCarthy of Des Moines is accusing Hurley of being “hateful” by releasing the list of “homosexual” contributors. “You know, we should probably order scarlet letters and give them to Chuck Hurley so he can put them on people who (he), through his research, determines may be gay,” McCarthy says.

Gee, I sure love it when legislative leaders go all Nathaniel Hawthorne on someone.


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