Friday Mailbag — Creative Readers

An envelope arrived on my desk this morning from Kathy Hendricksmeyer of Cedar Rapids. Inside was a clever, funny song she wrote about our never-ending winter:

Lament for the Winter of 2007-2008
(Sung to the tune of “Jingle Bells”)

Winter snow, winter snow, time you went away!
We loved you in December but don’t need you here in May. Hey!
Wintertime, wintertime, give us all a break!
I don’t know how much more of winter’s bounty we can take

Verse 1
I struggle to my car, in snow up to my knees.
But roads are little better — I’d be better off on skis.
I’m shoveling overtime, to keep my sidewalks clear,
But at the rate it’s going, I won’t finish ’til next year!

Verse 2
In driving through downtown, you’re taking quite a risk.
There’s lots of hidden traffic looming right behind snowdrifts.
The plows do all they can, but it’s never quite enough.
With ruts and potholes everywhere, the roads are washboard rough.

Verse 3
The pack ice on my drive, gets thicker every day.
The stores are out of salt so nothing left to do but pray.
I’m doing all I can, but it seems it’s here to stay.
I knew I was in trouble when Rough Riders came to play!

Verse 4
I dream of summer sun, I long to see green grass.
I’m tired of being inside tucked away from winter’s blast!
So where’s a spring time breeze, to thaw my frozen soul?
In body, mind and spirit this year’s taken quite a toll!

Good stuff. Thanks, Kathy, for sending that in. I also received an e-mail from Mary Klotzbach, who sent in five ways to know we’ve had too much snow:

l. You shout, “Up periscope!” when approaching the white mountains at street intersections.

2. Your neighbors are building a geothermal igloo.

3. The vaguely familiar faces that show up three times a day for meals are your children.

4. RAGBRAI has been postponed until August for extra melt time.

5. Senator Grassley is outstanding in his field because his tractor is under a ten foot drift.

I also received several messages agreeing with my skepticism about making the temporary local option sales tax for school buildings into a statwide, permanent penny sales tax. I noted that lawmakers approved the local tax in 1998 by promising it would never be permanent.

John Faurote, who loves punctuation,  says it’s not the first broken promise:

“What about the last two “Temporary” increases in our sales tax rates??? I can remember over the years when the sales tax was 3%… Then there was a budget shortfall so we needed to “temporarily” put in just another 1%…. A few years later… repeat…. now this one… When are the last two “temporary” increases going to expire??? It seems that when our legislature went from meeting every two years to meeting every year we now seem to need twice as much government???

Thanks for the notes and keep them coming.


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  1. I wonder if this is the same Kathy Hendricksmeyer I knew in junior and senior high in CR. I was Gloria Lutz back then and I will always remember the amazing script she wrote for “Man from Uncle.” Do you know how I can contact her? I’d just like to know what she has been up to.
    We graduated in 1968.

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