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Friday Mailbag

I expected to catch at least a little Hell this week after writing a column expressing unease about a statewide smoking ban and hostility toward the idea of a constitutional ban on gay marriages. I posted the column on this blog Tuesday.

But the truth is, I received little reaction, and what I did get was mostly positive.

Tammi Boeder’s e-mail was typical:

“Bless you . . . and the horse you road in on.

“I don’t know when or whether I’ve seen such a dandy handful of issues tackled so succinctly and clearly.  This column’s on my office wall.”

I did get one critical message. Sandra Ballasch argued that I was too hard on liberals and not hard enough on conservatives: 

“One of the things that has always driven me crazy about opinion writers is that they feel no need to fully detail at least those facts that impact their current statements. “ I would remind you that until last year, the Iowa legislature was controlled by Republicans.  The worker compensation decisions were made by a REPUBLICAN legislature not exactly the same as the current one.

“Also most of those who complain about poor people’s buying habits tend not to be the effete liberals you describe but, in my experience, “compassionate” conservatives–like the last legislature, the last congress and our current inhabitant of the White House.”

Mount Trashmore name ideas kept trickling in, as well. “Krasna Hora,” or Beautiful Mountan in Czech, got another vote. One reader suggested the clever “Hawk High Hill” or “Could-Have-Been-A-Rain-Forest.”

Herb Hendriks suggested a Scandanavian moniker:

“Mount Midden    The word, “midden” is of Scandinavian origin and was used to designate any collection of refuse, generally  a pile of garbage, or waste that accumulated  in the vicinity of a dwelling, as a “kitchen midden.”  Archaeologists consider middens associated with archaeological sites as “gold mines” of information.”

And Joe Miller gets patriotic with his submission:

“I actually am submitting this one to you:  Soaring Eagle Mountain.  I think it has a clean patriotic sound to it.  It plays off the eagle population on the river in that area.  Especially if a ski slope and etc. happens.  I think it would lend itself to a snappy logo that would look good on caps and apparel.”

Thanks to everyone who took the time to weigh in.





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