Friday Mailbag — More Trashmore Names

My inbox was filled again this week with ideas for renaming the Mount Trashmore site before it turns into the next Aspen, only with more methane.  Here’s a sampling.

Karl Knutsen reminds us that there was a Trashmore naming contest years ago:

 “The winner of the aforementioned contest was “The Junkfrau.”  It was a play on the Swiss mountain, Jungfrau (Maiden). It never caught on, obviously, since no one ever uses it. I (ahem) submitted “Mt. Everwaste,” but it doesn’t exactly augur a positive future and was quickly ignored.  Another name submitted was “Mt. Baggie.” 

“Your column affords me the opportunity to add to my offing.  How about Mt. Cyanide?  Nah, too caustic.  What about a place for walking excursions or Hikes Peak?  How about Sierra Mudre?  If we never come up with a name, we could just leave it blank, as in Mount Blank.  OK, I’ll stop.”

 Good thinking, Karl. Bob Stone, a volunteer at the National Czech and Slovak Museum and Library, in the shadow of mighty Trashmore, nominated “Mount Rip:” 

“Mount Rip is located north of the city of Prague in the Czech Republic. It is the place where Cechus, the legendary leader of the Czechs, viewed the surrounding area and proclaimed that this is the place we have been looking for and we will settle here. The time was approximately 450 to 500 AD”  

Jeff Taylor of Center Point floated “Corridor Mountain,” to commemorate the area’s “Technology Corridor” theme that has been so popular with the local rabble.  Jim Veglahn is on the same track with “The Eastern Iowa Mountain” and “The Hill of the Five Seasons.” Although he admits its unlikely the “big metal toilet brush,” a.k.a. The Tree of the Five Seasons, will be moved to Trashmore’s summit.

Tony Kubicek is gripped by a case of Cedar-mania:

 “We have Cedar Rapids, Cedar River, and Cedar Lake.What’s wrong with Cedar Hill, Cedar Mound, or Cedar Mountain? I looked up the definitions of hill, mound and mountain in American Heritage.  “Mound” is too small, “mountain” may be too large although it is described as ” greater than that of a hill.”Hill”  is described as “smaller than a mountain.”  Actual elevations don’t seem to matter. The size of Mount Trashmore makes it seem like more than just a hill.

I like the sound of Cedar Mountain although actually seeing it may disappoint a visitor or newcomer, as Cedar Lake has done.”

  Disappointed newcomers? No way. Nadene Roberts sent a brief message submitting “Mount Givesmore.” While Ron Davis gives us a name and a slogan: 

“I suggest renaming Mt Trashmore “Methane Mountain”  with the slogan, ‘It’s a gaser, come have a blast.'”  

But how about “Mount Pull My Finger?” Rick Blackwell looks to history and suggests “Canney Hill,” named for the long-serving Cedar Rapids Mayor. Blackwell also points out that recreating on a trash pile can be tricky. 

“Long before you moved here, the Tait Cummings Complex out on C Street was a landfill.  I had the pleasure of being the softball coordinator for the City when that opened.  Every once in a while a bumper or other heavy item would surface.  There were always small items like glass, rock and paper that would show up unwanted from the ground below.

“ However, it is a very nice play for many area people to play adult recreational softball and youth baseball/softball.”

I also received several phoned-in ideas.

Paul Burrows nominated “Mount Trashnomore,” Charlotte Lackender likes “Mount Recycle” and Shirley Fuller submitted “Mount Rosemore.” Harold Skripsky called to float “Cedar View Heights.” 

Other nominees included “Czech Mountain,” “Cedar Alps” and “Brokesack Mountain.” The caller was referring to all the trashbags buried at Trashmore. 

 Post your own ideas below.



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9 responses to “Friday Mailbag — More Trashmore Names

  1. Robert

    Cedar Bend Mountain, River Bend Mountain and Big Bend Mountain are all potential names that would reflect the location and nearby areas. This is the year of the river and the Mountain lies next to a bend in the Cedar River. There is Cedar Bend Road and Big Bend Road nearby.

  2. Dale Brodt

    Todd, I would like to echo the sentiments of Rick Blackwell. There are a number of residents who believe we should recognize Don Canney for his many achievements during the 22 years he was mayor by naming a landmark in his honor, something more than a meeting room at City Hall.
    We have a golf course named after a former parks commissioner and a park named after a former parks director.
    Canney conceived the idea in the ’80s to convert the landfill into a winter sports complex and came up with the name “Mount Trashmore.” Therefore, I believe it would be very appropriate to name the facility after Canney.

  3. Robert

    The hill at Roosevelt School used to be a carnival park, Mays Island used to be a park, I used to play in a pond under what is now Interstate 380, someday wide eyed children will say, “Really” when they’re told the mountain near downtown used to be a landfill.

  4. Micki Crispin

    Mount Thrashmore?(terrain park will need jumps, box rails, and methane exhaust pipes)
    Seagull Summit?
    Mount Crushmore? (Tribute to the big compaction dozer that my kids thought was ‘cool’)
    Why not Mount Crashmore?? (tribute to my own personal skiing style)

  5. Shirley

    I see someone suggested Mount Methane. We parked one evening downtown south of the Transportation Center last year to dine at a nearby establishment. When we got out of the car, I took just a few steps and I panicked–I was breathing pure gas of some sort-no oxygen! And the smell of the gas was so bad I thought I was going to be sick to my stomach there and then. Needless to say, dinner did not sound good – I just wanted fresh air!
    “What was it?”, I wanted to know and was told by my companions that it was coming from Mt. T. Never have I experienced anything like that.
    Now for a name suggestion. How about something like Weathering Heights, or Withering Heights.

  6. George Nicholas

    Since someone already beat me to the punch using the Gazette’s mandatory use of the word “corridor” in a sentence (yes, that one counts too!) I direct your attention to the fact that most landfills are comprised of all kinds of disgusting things, including spent disposable diapers.
    Naturally, the first of our landfills can be named “Diaperland.” (Later, when the trash pile at County Home Road is full, we can name that one “Diaper World.”) People would fly here from exotic places such as Orlando, Phoenix and Las Vegas, via daily flights with Allegiant Airlines! Instead of a mouse as a spokesperson, ours would be a rat whose face might resemble [insert Presidential candidate here]. Come to think of it, political candidates and used diapers do have something in common.

  7. Dot

    I imagine there many locals who deserve the “honor” of having a giant mound of trash named after them …

  8. Dave

    I suggest “The Grand Teton”. As J. Seinfeld might say ” It’s real, and it’s spectacular!”

  9. Robert

    River View Mountain is another candidate name for Mount Evertrash.

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