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Culver endorses Obama

Gov. Chet Culver apparently will endorse Barack Obama tonight at an Omaha rally, according to the AP and other news outlets.

It’s a nice super-delegate pickup for Obama. And Culver is the latest in a string of red/purple state politicians to gravitate to the Illinoisan, believing that local Dems are far better off this fall with Obama on the ballot than the divisive Clinton train wreck. All you have to do is look at all the independents, first-time caucus-goers and even Republicans who showed up in January to support Obama, and Culver’s call makes sense.

Culver also was probably smart to wait before jumping one someone’s bandwagon. And with the nomination race steeped in uncertainty, his endorsement still means something, even after the caucuses. Hopefully Culver won’t go around leveling personal attacks and ridiculously over-inflating Obama’s record like Tom Vilsack did to “help” Clinton to her third-place finish in Iowa.

It is a little suprising, though, cosidering how tight Culver is with Bonnie Campbell and other top Iowa Clintonites. Oh well, it will be all unity and kumbaya by November.

Update — Radio Iowa’s intrepid OK Henderson interviewed Culver about his pick.



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Today’s Column — Winter fun with Dr. Compassion

Your driveway is full of snow.The sky is full of clouds. The newspaper is filled with downer headlines. It’s a cold time of trial and tribulation.
So it’s high time to call in my dear old friend, Dr. Compassion.

I’m handing over the rest of this column to Dr. Compassion, with hopes he can use his special therapeutic talents to help readers handle troubles big and small.

He listens. He cares.

(Warning – Dr. Compassion is not a real doctor, nor is he a licensed therapist.
In fact, he holds only an honorary doctorate from the Barbados Bartending Academy. And he won that in a poker game. But his price is right. Free.)

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