From the NY Times:

“House leaders and the White House on Thursday reached a tentative agreement on an economic stimulus package of roughly $150 billion that would pay stipends of $300 to $1,200 per family and provide tax incentives for businesses to encourage spending.”

My family, with two children, would get $1,200. But how best to spend it?

Maybe I could snare this rare 1968 3-D Topps Jim Maloney baseball card.

Of course then I’d have to buy my angry wife this $1,200 bouquet of orchids.

In honor of the president, how about this fine set of Texas state flag cufflinks.

Maybe cuddly puppies are a good investment, or perhaps one month in this spacious Brooklyn apartment.

Who am I kidding? I’ll just blow it on diapers and booze.

Maybe you’ve got ideas?



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2 responses to “Stimulated

  1. I’m planning on using it to pay this year’s taxes. But I’m unimaginative.

  2. DM

    We’ll probably turn it around and put it into a home improvement somehow. Seems $1200 is about half of every estimate we’ve received for a new roof, or a new air conditioner, or new windows or privacy fencing or new siding on the house. Funny how most of our estimates fell right in that $3k-4k range. Maybe if pair the rebate with a tax refund we could done one of those improvements.

    I’m not sure how this is happening given the deficit and terrible debt this president has put our country into. It makes me feel kind of guilty instead of happy about the rebate – that takes most of the joy out of it for me.

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