Hillary Good, Caucuses Bad

Hillary Clinton, days after being thumped in Iowa’s caucuses and days before she loses in Nevada, blames the caucus process, according to ABC News. I told you so, Iowa is toast if she wins.

With the Nevada caucuses approaching on Jan. 19, Sen. Hillary Clinton reflected upon her defeat in the Iowa caucuses at an appearance in Las Vegas’ District 11, a lower-income and predominately Hispanic part of town, suggesting caucuses cause a “disenfranchisement” of voters and perhaps lowering expectations for her campaign in Nevada.

Or maybe she just needs a snappy new brand.

The Texas advertising guru and branding whiz, who spent most of October on a spiritual soul quest, trying to reconnect with “the heart of America,” has been tapped for a bigger role in Sen. Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign.

Roy Spence, 60, a longtime friend of the Clintons, is the quirky Austin-based advertising legend who coined the phrase “Don’t Mess With Texas,” and developed the Southwest Airlines slogan, “You are now free to move about the country.”

This stuff, not our bad, old caucuses, is why she will lose. How many more transformations can this campaign go through with a straight face? I’m tough, I’m vulnerable, I’m experienced, I’m emotional, I’m an agent of change, I’m whatever it takes to win. Al Gore must be somewhere lauging, knowlingly, wearing a sharp earth-tone suit picked out by Naomi Wolf.


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One response to “Hillary Good, Caucuses Bad

  1. Mark

    Hillary will give us the best presidency that money can buy.
    She is like the snake oil of old. A cure for everything, she claims.
    Be merciful to the Secret Service and save a ton on White House repairs using YOUR tax money by voting for anyone EXCEPT the Clintons.
    If for no other reason, vote “no Hillary” due to her
    “health plan”
    We already pay for “uninsured motorist” insurance and we will end up paying “uninsured patient” premiums if she gets her way.


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