Adios, Tancredo

Word is today that U.S. Rep. Tom Tancredo of Colorado is dropping out of the GOP presidential race. Not surprising.

The last televised debate before the caucuses has come and gone, so Tancredo won’t get any more high-profile chances to rant on immigration, and drive the country’s fastest-growing demographic group away in droves from the country’s fastest-aging political party.  And for that feat he’ll probably get a prime speaking slot at the national convention.

He was a voice for those frightened, huddled masses who believe that America’s cultural identity, which has survived a revolution, a British invasion, a ruinous Civil War, economic depressions, wave upon wave of immigrants from all over the world, two world wars, the red scare, the upheaval of the 1960s, the cold war and the war on terror, will be destroyed by illegal Latino immigrants who in some cases risked their lives to clean our hotel rooms, work on our farms and pack our meat. 

Sure thing. Pretty soon there will be a Taco John’s on every corner. Oh oh…



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3 responses to “Adios, Tancredo

  1. Dan

    Cool! Tom Tancredo is running for President! Who knew?

    Oh, wait. I was thinking of Tom Tomorrow. Are they the same guy?

    Oh, wait again. Looking a bit closer at your subtext, I’m detecting that the Tancredo campaign may be in some rough waters at the moment. I guess it’s good that penguins can swim!

    Oh, darn it. I’m thinking Tom Tomorrow again, aren’t I? Remind me, which one is the cartoonish fellow who uses broad strokes?

  2. Doug

    There’s a paranoid wing of each (every) party. Rep. Tancredo certainly was speaking to that miniscule group. This brings up another interesting point…why do every one of the also-rans run for the presidency in the first place?

    One would think that in politics you can’t have a tin ear, but that’s exactly what Tancredo, Kucinich, Keyes, and the list goes on and on, have done.

    Is the spotlight that tempting…or is could it be statewide attention he’s garnering while thinking of a US Senate run?

  3. Very funny Todd, and Dan, I loved your comments to. By the way, the cartoonish guy who uses broad strokes is Tancredo.

    Actually, I’m sad that Tancredo is gone. I think he was our best hope for building a bridge to a new century. Of course, it was the 19th century, but still…..

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