Sick Child Monday — Update

Home this mornig with my 5-year-old, who was sick much of the weekend and remains ill at this hour. Pre-Christmas plague is a hoilday tradition in our household. Put up the tree, string some lights, turn on some carols and grab a bucket.

I’m thinking of all those single or child-free people who gripe and complain about parents getting extra time off for their kids’ illnesses. I wish some of them were here right now to enjoy this time with me.  Happy Monday.

UPDATE — Tess rallied by late morning, to the point of asking for corn dogs for lunch. It’s a Christmas miracle.



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2 responses to “Sick Child Monday — Update

  1. Rhonda

    Be thankful you have insurance and can take your child to the doctor if need be. Not every family has that luxury anytime of year. This will definitely be a sick Christmas for our family that in the past I’m sure antibiotics have cleared up for us.

  2. Martha

    I used to get sick every time we went on vaction as a child. My worst experience was getting the mumps in FL and then giving it to my siblings.

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