Fed Up in McGregor

Honestly, I haven’t given the Big Ten Network-Mediacom cable battle much thought. I’ve been a DirecTV subscriber for years, so I’ve been only a passive observer to the melee. I’ve read news stories, heard talking heads talk and watched satellite dishes bloom all over Marion. Fortunately, or perhaps unfortunately, I can watch Iowa in all its HD glory.

Then I got a call the other day from Jim Duvall, who lives in a nursing home in McGregor.

 He can’t get the Big Ten Network. He can’t put up a dish or hit the nearest tavern to see the Hawks play. Needless to say, he’s disgusted by the whole thing.

He thinks fans like him are getting the shaft, and without fans, what do you have left? Duvall wonders whether anyone is thinking about the fans or if it’s just about bucks. We all know the answer to that one.

Duvall’s so mad he’s not even listening to games on the radio. “I’m not the only one,” he said.

Instead, he’s been watching network TV. Someone has got to do something, and fast. With attendance dwindling and interest slipping, university officials may have to try Plan F one of these days. Of course winning would help, but it’s going to be a while.


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