Wanted — A Barbershop

I’ve been in town for nearly two months and I’m still looking for a permanent barber shop. I miss the one I frequented in Des Moines, the Roosevelt Barbershop, where politicos and other local movers and shakers went to get their locks trimmed. Tom Vilsack got sheared there the day before he announced his presidential candidacy. He eventually had to drop out, but his hair looked great.

The place had sports magazines, a deer head on the wall, a life-sized cardboard Dale Earnhardt and TVs generally tuned to news, weather, sports or the occasional nature show. It was a throwback joint with customer loyalty you can’t buy.

So anyway, I’m looking for a similar spot in the Cedar Rapids-Marion metroplex. Please give me suggestions.



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7 responses to “Wanted — A Barbershop

  1. I used to have a favorite barber, once upon a time. Then I moved to Iowa and floated around a bit. Then I went smooth. Problem solved.

    I’ve got the tools necessary to get you started, if you’d like to borrow them.

  2. Dan

    Uh. I can only suggest the Flowbee. The sucking sound you hear from the vacuum can occasionally double as a politician.

  3. Tom Fiegen


    Are you willing to go to Iowa City?

    Stan’s Barbershop is on Linn Street just up from the Iowa City Library. You never know who will be in the next chair and they have the scoop on everything in Johnson County. Tom Bergman is better with a scissors and Stan Yoder is better with a clippers if you want “high and tight.” Lots of reading material and good haicuts.

  4. Tom Walsh

    Your best bet, again requiring a trip to Iowa City, is Red’s World, where owner/barber Bill Larson has been doing his thing for decades. It’s on Clinton Street, across from the Pentacrest, just above The Airliner (another institution), which means you can have a brew after your “doo.” “Red” is also an expert on trimming beards. He spends as much time trimming my beard as he does cutting what’s left of my hair. Although I now live 1,200 miles away, in Maine, but make a point of going back to Red’s World every time I’m back in Iowa City. — Tom Walsh, Gouldsboro, Maine

  5. Darrell

    Open a good *barber* shop in CR and you are going to make good $$. A place where you can get a haircut, a good straight razor shave and a shoe shine and you’ll not go wrong. I’ve been back in town 10 years and haven’t found any place suitable. If you find one in town, let us know! Red’s is good, I’d frequent there when I worked in IC but I just can’t invest an hour round trip in a haircut.

  6. est8lawyer

    There is a barber shop on the main drag into Marion (across from Nano’s/Country Kitchen). Great place!

  7. Another recommendation for an Iowa City barbershop would be the Hairport Barbershop (over by Paul’s Discount). I don’t generally let babers touch my beard (too important to risk with a stranger) but I’ve let the Hairport guys trim it up and they did a great job.

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